Weather wins out

Dark and dreary conditions caused many matches in the Berwick District Tennis Association to be washed out on the weekend. 280345 Picture: SUPPLIED


Osborne Shield

Beaconsfield 2 4:30 v Narre Warren 1 2:16, Cranbourne 1 2:26 v Harkaway Red 2 5:40, Harkaway Black v Upper Beaconsfield (wash out).

Rubbers 1

Berwick White 2 5:45 v Cranbourne 1 3:36, Beaconsfield v Berwick Blue (wash out), Pakenham v Officer (wash out).

Rubbers 2

Narre Warren North Red 1 3:38 v Narre Warren North Black 2 5:44, Cranbourne v Beaconsfield Blue (wash out), Beaconsfield Gold v Officer (wash out).

Rubbers 3

Officer v Beaconsfield (wash out), Cranbourne v Sandhurst (wash out).

Rubbers 4

Narre Warren North 0 1:24 v Cranbourne 3 6:41, Beaconsfield v Officer (wash out), Harkaway v Fountain Gate (wash out).

Rubbers 5

Berwick White 3 6:36 v Beaconsfield 0 0:3, Pakenham v Berwick Blue (wash out), Officer v Harkaway (wash out).

Section 1 Singles/Doubles

Sandhurst 8:48 v Narre Warren North 0:15, Berwick White v Narre Warren Gold (wash out), Narre Warren Green v Berwick Blue (wash out), Cranbourne Green v Cranbourne Gold (wash out).

Section 2 Singles/Doubles

Upper Beaconsfield 6:44 v Beaconsfield Blue 2:26, Narre Warren v Clyde (wash out), Beaconsfield Gold v Tooradin (wash out).

Section 3 Singles/Doubles

Berwick White 5:40 v Narre Warren South 3:31, Narre Warren North 6:42 v Narre Warren Green 2:20, Cranbourne v Berwick Blue (wash out), Beaconsfield Gold v Tooradin (wash out).

Section 4 Singles/Doubles

Berwick Blue 6:41 v Tooradin 2:24, Cranbourne v Clyde (wash out), Gloucester v Berwick White (wash out), Officer v Sandhurst (wash out).

Section 5 Singles/Doubles

Tooradin 4:25 v Berwick 4:28, Cranbourne v Fountain Gate (wash out), Pakenham v Narre Warren North (wash out).


All Sunday matches in the BDTA were washed out.