Great scores the norm at Garfield

John Hoare won C Grade at Garfield on Saturday with a ripping round of 40 stableford points. 330461 Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS


Looks like we have now – at last – settled into a stable summer weather pattern with fine warm days becoming far more regular.

Saturday was a game of single stableford which was attended by a good field of 150 players with two scores above all others.

Brett Dwyer led the way by getting the B Grade win with a huge score of 45 points, five points better than an inform Kelvin Rhodes.

Ron Griffett also had a great time of it by winning the D Grade event with a brilliant score of 43 points.

Ryan Stark, a 10 marker, won the A Grade event by a countback decision from Bob Calderara with a round of 39 points whilst John Hoare returned to the winners list by getting the C Grade victory with a score of 40 points.

Ray James is having a great week, which we will get to shortly, and scored 38 points playing off his mark of seven, whilst Grant McLure, also a single-figure marker, had the same score.

Harry Matthews is having a good consistent summer and went around in 37 points playing off his mark of just three.

A final score of 34 points was the number required to finish in the money.

Bob Calderara finished with a pair of birdies for his round on the 13th and 9th holes.

On Thursday a field of 92 turned out in yet another fine sunny day for a game of single par.

The aforementioned Ray James had a great round, getting the A Grade win with a great score of plus-3 via a countback from Rex Ryan and John Roberts.

Daryl Ogrady, also with the same score, won the B Grade event from an inform player in Alan Borch.

A final square score back to a countback was required to finish in the prize money.

A total of 26 birdies were scored for the day across all holes, with Russ Loughridge helping himself to three of those.

Pairs were also achieved by Chris Thorn, Darren Grayson and Tym Davey.

A field of 56 turned out on Monday with Shaun Barclay having the best of it by winning the A Grade event with a typical summer round of 40 points.

Barclay also had the two nearest the pins for his round, likewise for Daryl OGrady.

Frank Groen won the B Grade event with a winning score of 39 points, while a final score of 34 points to a countback was required to finish in the money.

On Monday February 5 the Veterans travelled to Yallourn for a game of single stableford which, as per usual, was well attended by a field of 102 players.

A down the line result of 34 points was the number to feature for a ball.

Best in for our mob was Bobby Edwards.

The course was in very good shape with the new holes in excellent condition, however, if one ventured off the fairway into the rough a difficult recovery was required.

The day was completed with a magnificent meal to end proceedings.

It’s our turn to host the next Veterans Day scheduled for play on February 26 with names required to be with John Scale by the 2second of this month.

This Saturday is the Top Town Teams stableford event.


• WGVGA/Veterans/Yallourn/Single Stableford/Field Of 102

A Grade: Barry Atkins (Traralgon) 39, runner up Glenn Hastie 36 (Traralgon).

B Grade: Alan Holcombe (Churchill-Monash) 39, runner up Ken Seeley 36 C/B (Yallourn).

C Grade: Ian Charles (Morwell) 42 C/B, runner up Richard Gould 42 (Trafalgar).

Down the lines went to all scores of 34 points or better (34).

Nearest the pins went to 2nd Rod Leworthy, 5th Norm Langhorn, 8th Roger Taylor, 12th Bill Estrada, 14th Terry Best and 16th Lisa Van Rooy.

• Sunday/Single Stableford/Field Of 34

Winner: Peter Van Helmond (20) 41, second Trevor Thompson (13) 38, third Matt Van Der Horst (7) 37 C/B.

Down the lines went to those with scores of 35 points or better to a countback.

Nearest the pins went to 4th Heath Barclay, 8th David Manning, 9th Dean Shannon, 11th Stephen Eddy, 13th Steve Bloomfield and 16th Paul Blasius.

• Monday/Single Stableford/Field Of 56

A Grade: Shaun Barclay (20) 40, second Andy Armanasco (16) 37 C/B, third Anthony Penney (21) 37 C/B.

B Grade: Frank Groen (36) 39, second Daryl OGrady (24) 38, third Alan Borch (26) 35.

Down the lines went to and including 34 points on a countback (10).

Nearest the pins went to 4th Rob Nobelius, 8th and 11th Shaun Barclay, 9th and 13th Daryl OGrady and 16th Jim Accettura.

• Tuesday/Ladies/Monthly Medal/Field Of 15

Winner: Corrine Nancarrow (32) 67, second Kylie Hoghton (22) 68, third Bernie Clark (15) 70.

Nearest the pins went to 4th Carol Beard, 11th Anne Donovan, 13th Sandra Pool and 16th Daphne Elleman.

• Thursday/Single Par/Field Of 92

A Grade: Ray James (7) +3 C/B, second Rex Ryan (21) +3 C/B, third John Roberts (20) +3.

B Grade: Daryl OGrady (23) +3, second Alan Borch (26) +2, C/B third Glenn Charles (25) +2.

Down the lines went down to and including scores of Square to a countback (17).

Nearest the pins went to 4th and 8th Tym Davey, 9th Lawrie Hall, 11th John Roberts, 13th Darren Grayson and 16th Michael Carrigan.

• Thursday/Twilight/Single Stableford/Field Of 34

Winner: Lachlan Chase (24) 23 C/B, second Arti Koopman (17) 23 C/B, third Tom Blackwood (27) 23.

Nearest the pins: Not Available…Please ring the club.

Spinning Wheel: Shane Male $68.

• Saturday/Single Stableford/Field Of 150

A Grade: Ryan Stark (10) 39 C/B, second Bob Calderara (10) 39, third John Trevorrow (7) 38 C/B.

B Grade: Brett Dwyer (16) 45, second Kelvin Rhodes (15) 40, third Jackson Bennett (17) 39.

C Grade: John Hoare (18) 40, second Peter Smith (20) 37, third Matt Whitehead (22) 36 C/B.

D Grade: Ron Griffett (29) 43, second Rod Norton (27) 40, third Stephen Dolan (36) 37 C/B.

Down the lines went down to and including 34 points (34).

Nearest the pins went to 4th Brett Dwyer, 8th Peter Medwin, 9th Craig Hobson, 11th Charles Vega, 13th Grant McKay and 16th Terry Garratt.

Second Shots: A Grade: Matt Van Der Horst. B Grade: Peter Scott. C Grade: Tim Jeffrey.

• Saturday/Ladies/Field Of 10

Winner: Jennifer Sullivan.

Nearest the pins: 4th and 16th Jennifer Sullivan, 8th and 11th Kerrie Davey, 13th Di Norton.

-Terry Webster-