Loads of dumb fun in 3D

Could it be that 3D technology was made with Jackass in mind?
Admittedly, this may be the only thought that troubles your waning intellect during the 93 minutes of inspired mayhem that is Jackass.
Actually, there may be two others.
Firstly, how do they think this stuff up?
And secondly, how come no-one got killed doing it?
The antics in this “film” will be familiar to those who have seen the previous incarnations of the franchise.
This time, the hilarious potential of bungee cord is well-probed, and spontaneity levels are high.
There’s much fun with throwing objects into a jet fighter’s exhaust, which are then hurled at near supersonic velocity.
A tooth is pulled with a Lamborghini.
Perhaps as an indication of the new yardstick reached, the cast actually succeeds in making the lead cameraman throw up twice – including once on his own camera.
Watch also for “duck hunt” in which a team member dressed as a duck is catapulted metres into the air, and engaged with paintball guns by the “duck hunters”.
But for sheer imagination, it’s hard to beat a brawl staged by midgets in a bar, in front of some amazed American barflies.
Midget cops then come in with batons to break up the brawl, with the wounded attended to by midget paramedics.
Jackass is honest about what it is and, for those with strong stomachs, there are worse ways to kill an hour and a half. Dumb fun.