Things bogans like

Let’s start with a confession: I only half-watched the debut episode of Warnie.
Fortunately, however, half my brain cells were more than enough to devote to understanding the simple life of Warnie.
Actally, “simple life” is apt – because Warne is surely the male gender’s answer to Paris Hilton.
From the outset, I didn’t expect Shane Warne to be the world’s best interviewer. That low expectation was quickly fulfilled.
But I did have a hope that his appearances on our TV screen would be confined to either taking a lot of wickets, or defending his fractured personal life.
Sadly, the appearance of “Warnie” dashes these hopes.
Lame cricket and football jokes, anyone? Warnie’s got ’em in spades. Jokes about bodily functions can’t be too far away – this show makes Two and a Half Men look like the opera.
It’s brain-dead television firmly targeted at the VB and Blue Singlet Brigade. No wonder it won its timeslot across the eastern seaboard, including Warne’s home town of Melbourne.
This ratings win can only be taken as a sign that the Apocalypse is clearly at hand.
– Jason Beck