More kid-nap charges

Vegan protesters are observed by police during a protest at Caldermeade Farm several months ago. 189026_01

By Rowan Forster

Two alleged Kooweerup kid-nappers and another livestock rustler have been charged after police seized a lamb and a goat, both wearing human nappies, from several properties.It comes after a string of livestock thefts, believed to have been orchestrated by animal activists.

A 24 year-old was arrested at the address, while a 43 year-old woman, who police claim was a driver during the incident, was intercepted near Rosebud.

Both of the women have reportedly remained tight-lipped about the location of other animals, which were also allegedly stolen.

It is believed the animals were stolen from John Gommans, who owns both the Caldermeade Farm Café and Gippy Goat Café.

Among the animals taken included lactating goats and an unweaned lamb.

“The activists came and monstered our staff,” he said.

“I suspect this was being planned to take advantage of the holiday season.

“To do this over the holiday season is scummy.

“They were brazen up against the police and a lot of people are amazed at their flagrant disregard for the police – it’s appalling.”

Mr Gommans said he was contacted by other farmers who had been hit by animal activists and he had also been in contact with the Victorian Farmers Federation.

In recent months, vegan activists have stormed the Pakenham Saleyards, Caldermeade Farm and Gippy Goat Café.

During a protest on Friday, 12 October, about 50 animal liberationists stormed the Caldermeade Farm with stakes and placards – denouncing “inhumane” farming procedures.

The VFF has since taken aim at the perpetrators, pleading for tougher laws to charge activists who trespass on farms to take animals.

Anyone with information should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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