Pakky high rise plan

Artists impression. Picture: CARDINIA SHIRE COUNCIL.

By Mitchell Clarke

A developer with a bold proposal to build an eight storey building on James Street, Pakenham has gone directly to VCAT, after Cardinia Shire Council failed to grant a planning permit within the statutory timeframes.

As a result, it’s believed there was no advertising or notice to neighbouring properties or the general public until one nearby resident received a letter about the proposal.

Wishing to remain anonymous, the resident received the notice on Friday 12 July and has until Thursday 26 July to object to VCAT in regards to the proposal.

“I am concerned that very few people are aware of what is proposed so therefore have no means to object to it,” the resident said.

“We are quite aware that the area is being developed but an eight storey building is outrageous and I’m sure most residents would like to have an opportunity to have a say in this decision.”

Worried about the prospect of a complete loss of privacy, the resident claims the property would be an “eyesore”.

“The people in surrounding properties are going to lose their privacy,” the resident said.

“They’re going to walk out their backyard and there is going to be a huge tower of eight storeys overlooking their property.”

Cardinia Shire Council’s General Manager Infrastructure and Environment Peter Benazic confirmed that council received an application for the mixed-use building on James Street.

“Council considered that the proposed height did not adequately respond to the character of James Street and were working with the applicant to lessen the height,” Mr Benazic said.

“During these discussions, the applicant lodged an appeal to VCAT for Failure to Determine, this was before council undertook advertising.

“Council cannot receive objections; they must go through the VCAT process.”

The proposed eight storey building at 48-50 James Street would feature basement parking while a retail building and office space will be positioned on the first two levels with levels three, four, five, six and six A consisting of residential apartments.

As described in their VCAT application, the tower façade will feature black or gold mullion and glass break up to “create a strong visual interest and a high quality design”.

Apartments will also feature white curvilinear balconies to enable an indoor-outdoor living feel with the balconies set to dominate the appearance of the tower.

MEZZ Group Architecture was contacted for comment.

Anyone wishing to lodge an objection to VCAT must do so by submitting a statement of grounds by Friday 26 July.

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