Light through the gloom

There may not be any toilet paper, but the positivity is there.

By Jessica Anstice

As the coronavirus crisis takes over with people panic buying, self-isolating and arguing over what’s right or wrong, the need for positivity becomes even more critical.

One family has taken it upon themselves to leave ‘positivity cards’ for people to find on the empty supermarket shelves.

“It is during these times that we need positivity. Anxieties are high and children are suffering anxiety as well,” project initiator Ann Toscano said.

“Although I am a statistic of those who are most at risk, paying it forward is extremely important to me and it’s an important lesson for both of my children.

“If you have the ability to help someone or make them smile, do it. That’s my motto.”

While the Covid-19 world makes optimism challenging, Ms Toscano and her two children Rikki, 11, and Tiana, 3, were out and about on Wednesday, delivering the cards to shops as well as people’s doorsteps.

At the bottom of a positive message, the card reads: “Keep this card as a reminder of your importance and value in this world and smile with pride.”

Ms Toscano suffers from a suppressed immune system, meaning a simple cold could kill her on the best of days.

When she first heard about Covid-19 she made the decision to act quickly and assist those closest to her.

“We put together a box of essentials for my grandmother,” she said.

“I currently have an infection and cold, but I very well know that fear and panic quickly turns into aggression and thoughtless choices, so we took a 30 minute drive and left a box of goods at the door for her and her friends to use in such desperate time.”

Ms Toscano encourages others to do the same – do whatever you can to help your most vulnerable family members in a time like this.