Tyler’s Top 10: mechanic marvels

Chris Toner got the best out of his players every week. 137447 Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS

This is just something else.

Last week Tyler was burdened with your typical car service, and well, putting it bluntly, he was ripped off.

As the mechanic ripped him off thoughts immediately went to ‘this wouldn’t happen to___’

So as a result, this edition of Tyler’s Top 10 is a list of local footballers – past and present – that the mechanic wouldn’t dare to rip off …

10. Liam Myatt: Beneath the surface Myatt is a bit of a softy, but it would take a brave mechanic to charge him for blinker fluid. He’s as hard as a cats head and few footballers would have more resilience. Has enough determination to beat a brick wall in a game of tennis, his service bill would be cheaper than a salad roll at the canteen.

9. Ash Green: This just explains itself really. Much like Myatt, those that have spoken to Green know that he is far from a scary unit, but his presence and aura would make the mechanic look frantically for a much kinder invoice.

8. Matty Millar: There has to be the yappy one that could talk his way out of the invoice, and Millar is that on his list. He wasn’t the biggest, nor the scariest in contention for the 10, but he certainly knows how to chat, regarded as one of the best talkers on the field in the south east during his time at Doveton.

7. Lincoln Withers: Built like a brick you know what…Withers was the Mark Ricciuto of local football. Was as as smart and as tough as any footballer from the region, rip this bloke off and there’s a fair chance that the man in overalls would be quickly staring at the ceiling.

6. Ryan Gillis: The former Cora Lynn superstar is kicking goals for fun down at Somerville. And while his threads have changed, his desire for a contest hasn’t, he was into the Mornington locals on Saturday and a mechanic wouldn’t dare to rip the goal-kicking machine off.

5. Marc Holt: An absolute regular in the Top 10, but he has to make this list. A dinosaur reportedly stood in the hole ahead of Marc Holt, and we all know what happened to them.

4. Clint ‘Bull’ Wilson: The imposing ruckman out of Doveton was as hard as they come. If he wasn’t winning the hit outs, the opposition ruck was certainly made to earn it. Those that attended the final game at Perc Allison Reserve could have him ranked higher on this list. Sorry for bringing that up Chris Kelf!

3. Moe Monckton: The Pakenham legend made a late run after the heroic stories told on Saturday’s premiership reunion. One local even told a tale about a time Monckton made an onion cry!

2. Jim ‘Frosty’ Miller: Does this one really need explaining? Frosty was so tough he didn’t even wear shoes. While he would never get ripped off at the mechanic, Frosty would probably run to the game barefoot, kick 12 and then run home.

1. Chris Toner: A somewhat obvious selection as number one, the mechanic would never rip off Chris Toner. In fact, they would probably pay him for the service. Even the dark is afraid of Chris Toner, no wonder Narre Warren won so many flags.