Borough too good for Berwick

What rain? Life Member Alberto Bertoncello ploughs on regardless at the Berwick Bowls Club on Saturday. 378754 Pictures: ROB CAREW


Weekend Pennant – Round 8

Now past the half-way mark of the season, and with one game to go before the break, we see quite a few of our Berwick sides needing to lift to bring their seasons back to life.

While that takes place, others need to continue with big performances to ensure they can get a taste of finals action come February.

Side 1 – Division 1 Section 4

Def by Keysborough 1 (61-87)

Ladder Position: 8th

It’s proving to be a long-old season for the top side! Hosting Keysborough who are sitting third on a slower but very good grass green, the ones thought they may have been able to cause an upset. Knowing they have to win more than they lose now to be in with a fighting chance of avoiding relegation, this one was an important game. It started reasonably well, with most rinks in the game, but as it went on some results were looking ordinary for the home side. Rich and Hodgson rinks were unlucky to lose by one shot each and stand in skip Parker went down by four, but unfortunately Wilson’s rink couldn’t fight off the barrage of shots against Keysy coach Tiff Brodie going down by 20. It’s now off to Cheltenham to play the top side this week; another tough game and the ones destiny is now in their own hands.

Side 2 – Division 2 Section 8

Def by Keysborough 2 (68-81)

Ladder Position: 5th

This week’s loss away proved a big one as the twos are now out of the four for the first time this season. On paper, the twos looked a big chance but another big rink loss by 20 shots is unlikely to see any team get over the line. It’s over to selection now this week to look at where the twos can strengthen their side with only six rounds left in the season – and only three more to allow some to qualify for finals if they want to get there. A great win by Roy Down’s rink to get up by 12 shots and Andrew Bunnell’s rink managing the draw but, again, trying to cover one rink going down by 20 is never going to eventuate. They host Burden Park this week and can beat them, and convincingly, if the sides are strengthened and a few inclusions from the top side eventuate. We’ll watch this one closely as it could be the game that turns around an ok season to a great one.

Side 3 – Division 3 Section 8

Washed Out: Ladder Position: 3rd

The three’s couldn’t take to the green due to the weather this week but nine points each means they still sit third on the ladder. They travel to Hampton Park this week who sits second so it should be a ding-dong battle of two potential finalists. Depending on selection of the top two sides, and some coming back from weeks off, the threes could see their side a little stronger than previous weeks. Hampton Park is very beatable and the threes know it, they just need to show a little confidence and take the bull by the horns this week and make it happen.

Side 4 – Division 4 Section 8

Defeated Noble Park 1 (83-60)

Ladder Position: 5th

The perfect team performance by the fours and it just shows, don’t have blowouts on rinks and the winning rinks can usually cover to get the points. Three rinks winning with Paul Hunt, Denis Bartley and Keith Dargie’s rink covering the minimal loss of five shots on Ray Findlay’s rink. The fours now face the tough prospect of the Ferntree Gully green as they take on their second side who sit on top of the ladder. It’s a must win for the fours to stay in touch and give themselves every opportunity to figure in the pointy end of the season.

Side 5 – Division 5 Section 8

Def Narre Warren 5 (86-73)

Ladder Position: 4th

The fives pulled off an awesome win away at Narre on the weekend to now put a smallish gap between them and Narre in fourth and fifth place on the ladder. Set up by a fantastic rink win by Jan Lapinskas, Sean Reddy, Annette Kirby and Avril Steere winning by 23 shots, the fives continue on their way to the finals and this week have the opportunity to take on the top side Mulgrave at home and consolidate a great win and continue their move up the ladder. They’ll be confident and they’ll get off to a flyer so the key will be consistency across all rinks to ensure they don’t let those out of the four gain any ground on them.

Side 6 – Division 6 Section 8

Def by Cranbourne 4 (70-34)

Ladder Position: 6th

Not really sure what to take from this one other than the sixes got well behind early and didn’t really put up too much of a fight. That will disappoint some to read, I know, but deciding after 60 ends to forfeit the game due to rain probably confirms it. The rink of David Lamble, Brenda Manifold, Val Wynen and Phil Giles were up at the time of forfeit by nine shots but the game was well and truly done by this stage. Things don’t get any easier this week taking on the top side Dandenong 4 away. Let’s see a bit of fight from the sixes this week.

Side 7 – Division 8 Section 4

Def by Dandenong Club 6 (43-70)

Ladder Position: 6th

Yet another result that didn’t go our way this week with Dandy 6 way too good for the sevens at home under the roof. All three rinks went down which see the sevens drop to sixth place and an away game against fourth side Cranbourne next week. With so many changes due to late pull outs and unavailability, the sevens are up against it most weeks but keep battling on. Let’s hope they can travel to Cranbourne this week and get a good result to finish the year and stay in touch with the four.


This week is the last round prior to Christmas and with only two out of seven sides sitting in the top four there’s plenty to do over the remaining six rounds of home and away games.

The positives are that many continue to show up, put their best foot forward, and keep working on the results with a larger than life smile on their faces.

Everyone back to the club after games this week for our break up, tool of the week, Joker Poker and a chance wish each other well for Christmas.

-John Rich-