Bite-size advice to living well

Karina Francois signs copies of her new book, 'Clean Eating, Clear Thinking'. 142766


BEACONSFIELD naturopath Karina Francois has already changed the lives of many through her principles of clean eating and healthy thinking.
Now, she can add published author to her list of achievements with the launch of her first book last week.
‘Clean Food, Clear Thinking’ aims to educate readers on Karina’s basic principles for heath and weight-loss.
The approach is based on the concept of cellular nutrition – looking at the cells of the body and what they need to remain healthy.
The book was launched last Friday night with an event at Karina’s Beaconsfield practice, ‘Infinite Health Practice.’
Doubling as a fund-raiser for the Starlight Foundation, Karina said the launch of the book was a moment to reflect on her work to this point.
“There were over 100 people that came on the night to support the book and the Starlight Foundation,” she said.
“It’s an honour that my clients give me the opportunity to engage in their wellness, and the book will be a way to help more people.”
Karina drew on her own experiences overcoming health issues including eating disorders in her teenage years when writing the book. She hoped the book would give readers the knowledge required to make lasting health changes.
“One of the main issues with the latest diets such as 5:2 and Paleo are that they are a one-size-fits-all approach, and while people might see results in the short-term, they simply can’t sustain these extreme diet habits in the long-term,” she said.
“Clean Food, Clear Thinking is about making a long-term change to your eating habits.”